What is WBC?

WBC stands for Warlords Battlecry, the greatest fantasy rts/rpg game made. Its most recent title, WBC3, was developed by Infinite-Interactive (aka 'I2'), the same company who recently created the extremely successful "Puzzle Quest" games. WBC3 has 16 different playable races with dozens of their own unique buildings, units, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Orcs, humans, elves, deamons, undead, dwarves and many others. While battling, you lead your troops with the help of your hero, who ultimately, is the most important unit on the battlefield. He/she gains levels, learns spells, converts resource mines and other buildings, accepts quests and many other things. Depending on what speed, settings and map you play on, matches can last from 10 minutes to over an hour, with ~30 minutes probably being around average.

 My story I'm working on set in the WBC universe:

December 18th, 2019:

Website Recovered

My Freewebs Etherian Tears site, founded on October 2nd, 2004, was cruelly deleted due to inactivity on May 8th, 2019. Let's all remember the good times it gave us. *moment of silence w/ single Etherian flavored tear*

I've recovered almost the entire site, though it looks a little different. I haven't yet gotten to the download section. And for some (greedy) reason, they've greatly reduced the number of pages you can have without paying for premium. :( Also, since I copied almost all of it from the WayBackMachine, all of my website links are linking to archive versions of the pages. I am far too lazy to deal with that tedious ordeal at the moment.

Stay with me, my dear warlords. I just turned 30 and got married and work is kicking my ass, but we're not dead, yet.


Recent News:

April 3rd, 2016 - 1:14 AM

Just a few things:
WBC3 is now available on Steam! :) Normally $9.99, though it's 40% off right now.


This certainly seems to be breathing some life into the game once more. There are guides up, an active forum, etc. That being said, there seems to be a lot of contention.

The Steam version comes with patch 1.3.24 which is the one that completely nerfs summoned units.

If you want to revert to an older patch without the summon timers or upgrade to a newer patch, user Intikhab on the forums has links to a guide on such things:


I can't yet confirm anything to do with the Steam version as I have bought it but not downloaded yet as my bandwidth allowance for the month is running low. :( I'll have to wait a few more weeks to try it myself.

Anyway, I was just stoked to see it up on Steam. :) If you browse the forums you should be able to find some multiplayer info as well if that's what you're interested in.


Now that that's out of the way, I once again want to give a shout out to Bane and his 'Warlords BattleCiv' mod for Civilization V. (he's also looking for people to help him test it, btw)


 Current races:

Wood Elf
Dark Elf
Plague Lord
High Elf
Dark Dwarf
Barbarian (aka The Agar)

There are 4 mod packs that come with 4 races each. Each races has unique buildings/units/bonuses, just like the standard races in Civ V. There is more to come from him as well, including a proposed hero system and more. You can find him on the forums or on the steam mod page I posted. I just tried to play Civ V tonight and for some reason it's crashing after the intro movie every time. -_- I'll sort it out later. I can't wait to play these.

August 18th, 2015 - 6:20 PM

Hi guys! Quick update just to let you know about a few things.

First: I told Bane a while ago that I'd mention his Civilization V mod on here. I was finally able to play it myself and it reminded me of my promise. It's an excellent mod for those of you who play Civ V. As of now, there are 2 mod packs that have 4 WBC races each that you can play as. Just like normal civilizations, they each have unique units, buildings, and traits. It's available on Steam Workshop (search 'warlords battlecry' under the Civ page), or you can go to the forum post. Absolutely awesome work. :D

Second: The Protectors mod recently released a major update - 0.8.5. Many changes, but the most important by far is a new reaper voice set by yours truly. :D Thanks to Zetoo to the audio editing. But seriously, lots and lots of changes in this update. It's looking amazing. Excellent job Patrick and co. :)

The Protectors page : Here
Moddb page              : Here

October 4th, 2014 - 9:12 PM

 This is a bigger update for me, and only a single day since my last! :D That hasn't happened in awhile..

My downloads page is finally no longer full of broken links. I have what I think is a full collection of patches for all WBC games (for English, anyway). I'm hosting them myself this time so hopefully if the original hosters site goes down you can still get them here (provided mediafire keeps my files..). You can now grab patches, music, asset pictures, and more from my download page.

 I also added a separate page for mods. I kept getting a lot of questions about where to find them, so I wanted to make them stand out a bit. Please let me know if there's anything I missed! I no longer know everything WBC as I used to. :p

Take it easy.


October 3rd, 2014 - 1:07 AM 

 Has it really been a year already? I just wanted to let you guys know that me and my love of WBC are still alive and well. :)

I did some general maintenance that I've been too busy to do for a while. As is tradition I finally changed the year to the current one on my footer, updated my 'About/Contact Me' page, and I finally found a guestbook where I can DELETE entries. I didn't want to lose all of the (legit) entries already posted because I'm vain and have low self-esteem, so I copied them over to the new page. :p

I did want to say that I do read those, and I'm not sure I've ever properly thanked everyone for the extremely kind words. Thank you. It really means a lot to me. As I told the forums a few years back, I've known a lot of you for longer than most of my friends today. I practically grew up on the forums, so it is awesome to know that you guys appreciate my little site.

 Take care, guys. Cheers. :)


September 22nd, 2013 - 10:08 PM

Just stopped in to do a little work. Fixed some dead links, redirected others, added links to the Gog.com WBC download pages, archived some old news, and tried to figure out how to erase guestbook entries to no avail. So, sorry about that. Someone please add a new entry so that one's not at the top. :p Oh, and apparently freewebs got rid of the page breaks I was so fond of using in between news entries, in case you were wondering.

Small update, I know. Took a while, but honestly I think I was just staring at the computer screen for the most part. lol. I am still wanting to add a "Mods" page on here at some point. No good opportunities for such an undertaking recently. ... If you value your heart, stay away from women. :p

I did want to give my WBC story another plug, as well as my personal music Facebook and YouTube pages. WBC isn't my only passion. :p

 Off to thieve auto's grandly..

... V...

May 29th, 2013 - 10:08 AM (with sleep for once)

I've got to make this short so I can make it to work on time, but I have been informed that I've neglected to mention (recently, anyway) a mod that ahatch has been working on. I added a link to my links page, but here's to easy access:
The mod features 4 new races, new spells, new classes, new lairs and terrain sets, and is just generally awesome. I tried it out a long time ago and had a lot of fun, and he's since added lots of new stuff. Sorry for the oversight dude. :p

I also finally figured out a glitch in Freewebs that was keeping me from editing more than one page (within like a day), so I decided to give my About/Contact Me page some lovin. :p

Really quick, I think my next website project is going to be adding a 'Mods' section to my page. It's long overdue. I'll try and do that in the next couple of days if I don't get swallowed by work.

February 6th, 2013 - 6:31 AM (up all night and work at 11. :p)

Read my January update if you haven't already.

I just wanted to mention I added my work-in-progress story to a Google Doc so people can easily post comments and suggestions.
I hope it works properly - this is the first time I've tried Google Docs.

I also wanted to point to Faestus' Mod he's been working on (sorry dude it's taken me so long to add a link)
It's looking fantastic. I need to try it myself. The change log is available via the link above > features.

Be well. ... and prosper.

January 26th, 2013 - 7:07 AM (up all night )

I apologize for the lack of updates. I've got a pretty good one for you.

First and foremost, http://www.infinite-interactive.com/ is back up again (not .net like the last link I put up), not just the lame Twitter feed! AND this includes the official I2 forums. :D I'll replace the forums link below the banner after I post this. I2 is of course still mainly focused on the Puzzle series, but as my last update showed, they still have interest in the WBC franchise.

I'm also about to post what I have of Chapter 2 of my own story on my actual stories page. Some of it I wrote tonight, and as such has not been thoroughly edited, so keep that in mind.

I, once again, would like to point you to the Protectors Mod. They have released a full version for download. :D Honestly, I've been so busy trying to move that I haven't been keeping up on anything WBC related. I JUST found this out. Must download myself. Under the 'latest blog entries' on the right of the screen, you'll find the link.

I also wanted to share these YouTube videos with you guys. This guy, Fulyn, has made a very impressive guitar rendition of the WBC theme song. :p


Also, this one is a remix of the theme, and if I weren't already so tired, I would try and extract the audio from it so I could use it in the actual game. On my to-do list.


I think that's it for me tonight, though I feel the WBC itch. I might update again soon, and I'm fairly sure I'll continue working on my story for a while at least. Take care everyone.

August 8th, 2012 - 12:58 AM

I've got some news!!! Though, 'great' or just 'good' is up to you.

Infinite Interactive is now an independent developer again. No more 'Firemint aquisition'. This is good. (infiniteinteractive.com is up again! :p Though not as good as it once was.. ..yet. Just a Twitter feed.) I2 has stated that it's next game will be another Puzzle game; most likely Puzzle Quest 3.
Read the article here.

When I saw that the Facebook page for I2 was finally getting some activity again, I asked about the WBC franchise, since Firemint has not replied to a single one of my many tweets asking them about it the past few months. Bastards. :p Here's the comment and reply:

Brent Wiseman - "Any news for Etherian Tears about a future Warlords Battlecry title? :D"

Infinite Interactive - "We love the series, it's never far from our thoughts, but it's a BIG game, and if we ever make WBC4, we're going to do it right. So we're waiting for the right time and/or right deal that allows us to do everything we want with the game."

So, things are pretty much the same way they were before the Firemint deal went down. They want to make WBC titles in the future, but first they need to find a good publisher willing to play ball. And regardless of what happens, expect a Puzzle Quest game or two before another WBC or Warlords. Even though I get the feeling of "we're back to square one", at least we don't have to share this square with someone else. :D

Other than that, I cleaned up a little on my homepage here, and also I accidentally erased my November 22nd update, so... THAT'S awesome. :/

For posterity, as of the moment my freewebs site was taken down in mid 2019, my site counter was at 13,597.